I’m Kayla Hartman. I am studying Digital Media Production with minors in Spanish and History. I am constantly work to improve my skills in photography, videography and audio production. I enjoy experimenting with my camera and taking photos with my friends and of nature in my free time. I have also gained skills through my classes at Drake including production and editing for audio, video and photo. One of my favorite projects was for my audio writing and production class where I created my own podcast titled Better in the Old Days.


I grew up in Urbandale, Iowa and attended Dowling Catholic High School. Growing up in Iowa has given me a different understanding the in world. I enjoy visiting my family in small town Iowa and learning more about farming from my family.


At Drake, I am involved in Drake Broadcasting Systems (DBS), DU Bulldog Catholic and cheerleading. I feel that these three organizations describe me pretty well. As a member of DBS I help brainstorm, produce, shoot and edit primarily videos but also anything other ideas people have.

I am the secretary of DU Bulldog Catholic. This organization is important to me because I am very involved in my Catholic faith. This organization strives to build a strong community rooted in faith. We meet at St. Catherine of Sienna Church near campus.

I have been on the cheerleading team all of my years at Drake. We cheer at the football and basketball games. We also attend appearances when asked. I enjoy cheerleading especially the stunting and my teammates. Cheerleading challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone and try new things that I never thought would be possible.

Kayla Hartman ‘s Hobbies

In my free time I enjoy reading books, learning more about history, watching documentaries and watching TV shows. While I am watching movies or TV shows I enjoy knitting.

When I have more than just a few moments of free time I enjoy traveling to new places. Some of my travel goals are to visit all 50 states and as many National Parks as possible. I prefer to visit places of historical significance because I enjoy learning about history, especially American History.

I also enjoy learning about my family history. My family has done a great job of compiling and documenting out history so I have been able to just read and listen to stories. Learning about my ancestry has helped me understand my connection to the world and the places I visit.